Health Safety and Environment

HSE Department is the main section where the awareness about safety is developed as skill. All the policies, rules and regulations concerned with Health Safety and Environment are formulated and their rectification is promoted.



OGDCL corporate Environmental, Health and Safety policy is to:

  1. Abide by the environment, health and safety laws of Pakistan.
  2. Comply with Environment Health and Safety guidelines issued by the Directorate General of petroleum concession, Ministry of Petroleum and Natural Resources.
  3. Create Environmental, Health and safety awareness in our Employees.
  4. Train officers & staff in appropriate working methods.
  5. Develop the distribute procedure for safe and responsible working.
  6. Provide effective safety equipment’s & ensure that it is used.
  7. Allocate clear responsibilities & resources for achieving improvement.
  8. Implement effective plan for dealing with accidents & emergencies.
  9. Make compressive assessment of environmental and social impact at the planning stages of new development or extensions.
  10. Give proper weight to environment Health and Safety when designing purchasing and constructing plant equipment or service.
  11. Maintain Plant & Equipment in good working order.
  12. Provide appropriate shielding for radioactive sources.
  13. Provide impervious secondary containment of adequate size for areas where oil & gas are stored or transferred.
  14. Dispose of waste material in responsible way.
  15. Legitimate Check & Balance of the maintenance of Plant Machinery in order to prevent any kind of mishap on Plant.
  16. Before starting any job, one should keep an eye on the HSE perspective from the start till the end of the job.


PPEs (Personal Protective Equipment’s)

PPE’s provides protection against injuries of the whole body from head to foot; it means you will have to protect yourself from head to foot, because if you are safe then you can save others, company assets and equipment’s.

PPEs which are provided to me during my tenure of 1 month for the protection of the body are enlisted below:

  1. Helmet.
  2. Goggles.
  3. Ear Plugs.
  4. Safety Shoes.



Fire is a chemical action, which is caused when 3 elements Fuel, Heat & Oxygen combine together in appropriate quantities, Fire can occur. These 3 elements Fuel, Heat & Oxygen can be represented by Triangle, when this triangle completes there will be Fire. If from these 3 elements (Fuel, Heat & Oxygen) only one element is missing there is no chance of fire.

                                 FUEL + HEAT + OXYGEN = FIRE


 Ways to control fire:

  1. Starvation.
  2. Smothering
  3. Cooling.


Types of Fire Extinguishers

  1. Portable CO2 Fire Extinguisher.
  2. Portable Water Extinguisher.
  3. Portable Foam Extinguisher.
  4. 50-Kg Wheeled Powder Extinguish

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